Schedule of Repairs


Schedules of repairs’ are carried out for a wide range of reasons. In some cases the work is part of an on going issue with tenants and in some cases they are so wary buyers know the full extent of what they are taking on if they buy the property.


Schedules of repairs can have budget pricing with them so that the prospective owner or landlord knows how much the costs involved are. This will mean less nasty shocks in the future and more preparation for what is to come.


This sort of work is carried out on a wide range of buildings, for an even wider range of customers. If you make me aware of what the purpose of the premises is going to be i can tailor your survey accordingly, and give you much more help and advice.


This old public house was virtually derelict, and in need of works just to ensure it does not erode further, and its new owner can now use the basic structure for new purposes
(yet to be agreed), but following my survey they were fully aware of the cost of purchase and holding the building in a stable state, prior to is redevelopment.
In this case an old military canteen was being offered to the client at very low rent. The building has some structural issues and in the end was not really suitable for the purpose. My initial report reflected the repairs necessary, the high cost of conversion and some more basic issues relating to the proposed use, that eventually lead the client to decline the structure despite low rental terms.
In this case a small manufacturer was moving area and moving into one premise from a number of small units.

As the owner (not tenant) the long-term outlook for maintenance was important as well as suitability at the time of purchase.
The landlord of this unit was concerned about the condition the tenant had allowed the property to get into, and called me in as an independent Chartered Building Surveyor to read the lease and draw up a Schedule of Repairs in accordance with the lease, to serve upon the head lessee.

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