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Structural surveys of houses is one of the jobs that is relatively small, and yet can be just as interesting as much larger commercial work. I am able to provide a personal service to you, that not only ensures you receive your report when we agree you should receive it, but also you can ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

I think it is important that the client can fully understand what the report is saying, and can fully understand the implications of not following the recommendations of the report.

If you are buying a house, and paying a huge sum for it, that will commit you to make regular payments for many years to come, you should be sure that the property is what you think it is, and there are no hidden nasty surprises awaiting you in the near future that would not be covered by insurance.


                            Barking near Royston

Bury near Ramsey

House surveys can reveal a wide range of matters, that ordinary people do not realise are happening to the property they seek to buy. Within the pictures on this page alone there is a house that has been rebuilt following foundation failure, a house with an unstable gable wall, and a property that required serious repairs




Peterborough new house

My surveys include brand new houses as well as properties that have been standing for many years. You would be horrified at the number of defects normally ‘passed off’ in new houses, that eventually cost the first owner money, and could be resolved before purchase at no cost


By discussing what you want it is often possible to save you money. Most people simply ask for a ‘full structural survey’ which will tell them what is good and what is bad about the building. However having discussed the matter with clients I often find they are only really interested in defects, not in what is good or well constructed.


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