Commercial Planning Permissions


               Obtaining planning permission for commercial premises


As well as obtaining the normal sort of planning permission for domestic extensions I also provide a discreet service for planning permission to industrial and commercial premises. To give you some idea of the range of this work I enclose some examples of the sort of work I have been involved with. I have worked with planners at Peterborough and in Huntingdonshire.


Planning can be for new premises, or it can be for the change of use to existing commercial or industrial premises.


Planning can also be for ancillary reasons such as the erection of new signs or retrospective planning permission for signs that have been erected already.


Much planning work for commercial and industrial operations is confidential and thus there are only limited examples I can show you

This is a garage in Brampton (Huntingdonshire) that wanted to put up a high fence around its premises for security purposes. Permission included negotiations with the local authority that considered the site to be in a rural location.
This is an old doctors’ practice that my client wanted to purchase, but wanted to ensure a ‘change of use’ before buying the premises. With the aid of the current owners of the premises, an application was made and despite strong village resistance, including the parish council, permission was eventually granted.

In this particular case there were two subsequent planning permissions. One was for signs erected round the building for the new owner. The other was for the sub-division of the property to a number of uses as well as the main use.

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