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As a responsible Chartered Building Surveyor, and Chartered Builder it is my responsibility to have Professional Indemnity Insurance, and Public Liability Insurance.


These are the minimum insurances required for a company or sole trader like myself.


Professional Indemnity Insurance


The limit of each and every claim is a maximum of £500,000.00. The only person covered by the insurance is myself.


Public Liability Insurance


The limit of Public Liability Insurance is £2,000,000.00.


Complaints Procedure.


In line with Regulation 27.2.7 of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors there is a written procedure for dealing with complaints that is the minimum standard. This has been checked by the RICS and will be entered into if you feel you have a grievance with the service that I provide to you or your organisation.


Clients Money Protection Scheme


Where I handle money belonging to a client (such as for payment of construction works), I have to account for this money annually to the RICS, and show that your funds are being kept safely away from my own funds, and can be accounted for at all times.


This is security for you, as much as it is a discipline for me. The logic being that as well as my accountant the RICS check to ensure your funds are not being misused.


Chartered Building Surveyor


A Chartered Building Surveyor is a protected designation and can only be used by persons such as myself who have reached a professional standard require by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


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Chartered Builder


A Chartered Builder is a protected designation and can only be used by persons such as myself who have reached a professional standard required by the Chartered Institute of Building


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