Between 1988 and 1991, I was very honoured to work with some of the best (and fun) professionals in the Suffolk area whilst studying for my RICS. Lindsay Clubb is a Building Surveyor, and Kim Wilson–Powell is a General Practice Surveyor.


Between us we had a good rounded range of ability and was able to pursue many construction projects in the Martlesham Heath area on the outskirts of Ipswich.


The work was mostly housing and light industrial development, with some demolition of existing ex RAF structures.


New Build

I helped supervise many of the new build projects on the estate and had a range of other involvements with some of them.


Fire Precautions

I negotiated with the fire officer, and then specified and supervised the alteration to existing buildings used as offices, so that they would comply with Fire Precautions.



As part of my work I was heavily involved in agreeing levels of refurbishment with a prospective tenant, and then specifying and negotiating with contractors to ensure that some small ex RAF structures were re-used and renovated to a good modern standard.


Another interesting and successful refurbishment was the war memorial, which was added to in memory of those British and Commonwealth personnel lost in the second world war, and in aircraft testing at Martlesham Heath.


Specification writing

I wrote specifications, supervised and varied the contracts to decorate the Martlesham Heath village centre including shops, offices and flats.



Bidwells (General)

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